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July 24, 2012


Start Your Detroit Business with a SEO Company

When a fresh startup or sluggish business needs new clients, customers and attention; many don’t ever think about the internet and if they do, they don’t know where to start.  You can start your Detroit business with a SEO company because they will be able to offer far more targeted leads versus a television ad or print advertisement.  Do some research on search engine optimization and you will quickly see that internet marketing is catching up to and will eventually pass the amount of media advertisement on the television and radio.  More people have smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets, mp3 players and other devices that have them connected to the internet every second of every day.

Anytime someone is looking for a product, service or business, you often hear “just Google it.”  Take a minute and reflect on that sentence and you will probably even realize that you say it quite often or do it as well.  It is the quickest way to getting your information that is both targeted and relevant.  Internet marketing harnesses this premise and can bring you traffic, leads and exposure around the clock for as long as you maintain your websites rankings or campaign.  This is much more beneficial than just running a television ad during certain hours of the day and hoping someone will see it and need your service.  People are already coming to the internet looking for your service or product and are usually ready to buy with certain keywords.  Focusing on these high ROI keywords and forming an internet marketing campaign around them has its benefits from many different perspectives.

Believe it or not, many local Detroit businesses, whether they are successful or not often don’t have much of an online presence.  In short, they are severely affecting the amount of growth that they could experience from their sales and net profits.  Because of this, many businesses in Detroit could start their business and quickly become a real threat to the competition because you could attract internet searchers rather quickly.  A sales employee or manager could not offer lead generation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year; but SEO can.  An SEO company specializes in all of these areas and can devise a plan of action for your business and its offerings.  There will be research done both on your business and on the search results to see who the competition is, how you can compete, and what you can expect during the process.

One important thing to take note of is that you can receive lots of traffic from an SEO companies efforts, but if you do not have a proper website, or landing page to gather the leads and get them to call or email your business, then your marketing efforts are going to be wasted.  You must have a properly built website that focuses on squeezing or getting the visitor to ‘act.’  There are many ways to do this including easy navigation, instructional videos, telling a visitor why they cannot live without your service or product, and answering all of their questions and concerns right then and there.  Did you know that color choices and selections also have a profound impact on conversion rates and attention spans?  An SEO company will often have a web design or optimization division within their company because of this reason.  The color blue for example will calm the visitor, and when it is paired with black it can give the exclusive or professional feel.  Green on the other hand isn’t as hard to figure out, it promotes the urge to spend money or that a visitor will be getting money.

If you haven’t already and are starting a Detroit business, contact a SEO company to at least get some preliminary information.  The consultations are often free of charge and you can understand the process a little better and what internet marketing will be able to do for you.  SEO can make your website visible on the first page for targeted keywords and receive traffic from these keywords.  If you owned a hardware store in Detroit then you would want to be featured on the first page for “Detroit hardware store” and other variations that were searched on a monthly basis.  Using Google and their tools, an SEO company can even tell you exactly how many searches each term gets a month and use this information to select the best keywords and discard the lesser queries.  Starting a business in Detroit can be done quickly with an SEO company, as long as you understand how it can work and maximize its effectiveness.  Don’t be afraid to spend money on an internet marketing campaign and keep it in your marketing mix for the long term.

May 3, 2012


Detroit SEO Services Will Amp Up Your Business Online

SEO has become the staple in major corporations advertising campaigns.  For one, it delivers an unheard of return on investment and for another it turns your company’s web site into a full time lead gathering power house.  That’s right, with a properly run Detroit SEO campaign, your website will be pulling in customers right off the internet; customers who have already made their mind up to spend money.

Your business resides in the great city of Detroit.  People are spending money here as much if not more than ever, you just need to know how to get to them.  The old ways of advertising are not working as well, and they are quickly becoming obsolete.  They are giving way to the next generation – the internet users.

So how does this stuff work?

A  Detroit business is looking for Detroit customers and SEO is the way to find them.   SEO or “Search Engine Optimization,” actually allows them to find you in the major search engines online.  Detroit people are looking for places to spend their money; we know this because we have done the market research.  We know that 210 people search for the term ‘Detroit Lawyer’ every single month.  Even if you got 40 percent of those internet leads to become customers, that’s a huge amount, EVERY month.  This is what SEO can do for you, and it’s a new channel of marketing, growth, and revenue that you didn’t have before.

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The reason it works is because an SEO agency can leverage the market.  A Detroit SEO consultant for example will research the best keywords to pursue, laser focusing your campaigns and wasting zero of your dollars.  Once they have the right keywords to go after, SEO consultants will start working on making your website an authority on the subject of those keywords, optimizing everything in the process.  This makes a website a resource of information and giving visibility to those internet users who visit it.

The more of an authority you are, the higher you will be in the search engines, and the higher you are in the search engines, the more likely a user will click on your site.  Once on your site all you have to do is close the deal.  The Detroit internet user has found you because they have a want or a need and they are ready to spend money or get more information at the very least.  Never before have business owners had the opportunity to interact with such targeted leads at any time of day.  This type of marketing and research has opened up a whole new set of rules and you need to be aware of them.  If you’re not, you are losing money every day.  Rankings and converting are crucial to the growth and authority in an industry and location.

SEO is the new way to play ball and residents of Detroit are following the rules.  SEO consultants can target Detroit people who are searching for any niche including where to eat, where to buy a car, what the best schools are, what is the best recreation and everything else you can think of.  The old days of paying hundreds of dollars a month for a spread in the yellow pages are long gone.  Get your website visible to internet users and watch it grow.  If your company is ready and can handle more business then pull the trigger on a SEO campaign now.  Choosing to target your geographical location using Detroit SEO, may be the best investment you’ve ever undergone. Talk to a SEO consultant today to see how you can use their market research to make more money.

April 30, 2012


Now is the Time to Hire an Internet Marketing Agency

Internet marketing has become a 3 billion dollar a year industry, and for good reason. The number of internet users was reported to be 2 billion in 2011, something that is making the emergence of each internet marketing agency, a godsend to business owners looking to target and extend their reach at any time day or night. Those very same statistics tie internet users with the number of television owners!

If you have looked into what it would cost to develop a commercial and get it run on the air, you know it isn’t cheap.  If you do get a commercial on the air it is hard to tell what demographic will be seeing your advertisement, and what time might be best for it to air.  Sure you can guess at it and say things like stay at home moms and elderly people will be watching during the day but how many of your impressions or views actually turn into sales?

What if you could know exactly how many people a month are searching for a particular product?  With internet marketing this is easy.  An internet marketing agency can pin point an advertising campaign based on what people are looking for on the internet. This is called keyword research, as people use keywords to find things online; also known as search phrases. If your business is dentistry, internet marketing agencies can research exactly how many people are looking for dentists in your town.  Furthermore they can find out what terms they are using to search for on the internet and get your website in front of those searchers; ultimately leading to more traffic, inquiries, and revenue.

The great thing about it is there is little to no guess work regarding the research and reports can be sent directly to you.  You can choose campaigns that are targeted at people who are primed to spend money.  If you own a clothing shop, an internet marketing agency can find people searching for terms like ‘where to buy clothes,’ for example.  Now you know that people who search for this term have already decided to spend money.  How much is that worth to your business?

Internet marketing agencies (or Small Business SEO) can use two main platforms to utilize this type of keyword research.  You can run a pay-per-click campaign or an SEO campaign.  With pay-per-click, an internet marketing agency will help you create ads that are shown to people searching for a given keyword.  If they click on your ad you pay a certain amount of money for it which you bid on against competitors.  If you go after the right keywords this can be an amazingly powerful tactic that brings immediate results.

The other way internet marketing agency’s use keyword research is with SEO or search engine optimization.  This method leverages search engines to show your website to people who are looking for the keywords you target.  This can pay off big time in the long run because your site will be generating organic traffic and increasing in authority along the way.  This type of traffic does not cost you each time a user clicks on your website but is a slower generating campaign built for long term sustainability and doesn’t stop when you stop spending money on such campaigns like a PPC campaign.

An internet marketing agency can take all of this a step further.  What if you knew that an internet marketing agency could actually research what your target audience is interested in, where they lived, what they did for fun and work, how old they were, if they were married, how they spend their time on your website, where they came from, and more?  How valuable would that information be to you?  With social media an internet marketing agency can do all of this too; sending targeted traffic to you and minimizing wasted marketing efforts and money.

Social media also adds another element to marketing.  It allows you to build a brand and maintain a community and highly targeted and interested following.  With community comes authority and trust, once you have this you have a market to advertise to on a recurring level. There’s no better customer than a lifelong or sustainable one.  Not to mention word of mouth referrals will go through the roof extending your return on investment.

With an internet marketing agency on your side you have taken the first step in utilizing the most powerful advertising platform in the universe.  You will have the opportunity to show your brand to millions of people with the right campaign, and that is not an over statement.  If your company can handle more business and you want to make more money, contact an internet marketing agency now.

April 28, 2012


Detroit Internet Marketing & How to Take Advantage of it

If you are looking for customers in Detroit, Detroit internet marketing is how you can find them.  People are doing business in Detroit and business is good, that is if you know how to interact with your current and future customers.  Internet marketing covers several important components all of which offer amazing results if you have the right internet marketing agency on your side.  Tap into leads around the clock that beforehand you never put together that they even existed.  Use your website as a sales employee rather than a receptionist only.

The last thing you want to do is throw money away on methods that are not only out dated but obsolete.  The days of overpaying the yellow pages for a small page advertisement are over.  You can take that same advertising budget and get a much better return on investment with internet marketing.  The internet has billions of users worldwide and even television is no match for the internet in terms of eyes on screen and extreme targeting.  You will get much more impressions with internet marketing and those impressions will be targeted people who are primed and ready to spend money.

Detroit residents are using the internet more than ever to search for places to spend their money, or to do research on a company or their services.  So how does internet marketing work and how can I get in on all this return on investment?  The first thing to talk about is keyword research.  This is how we find out what Detroit people are looking for.  There are internet tools out there that a marketing agency will use to find out exactly how many people are searching for certain keywords.  By using common sense we can pick keywords that suggest the people searching for them are ready to spend money, effectively increasing website traffic with targeted visitors.

For example if your business is a pet store you may want to optimize a campaign for people who search the internet for ‘where to buy dogs in Detroit.’  Can you see how targeted this could be?  Obviously if the person is searching for a keyword like this they are ready to make a purchase.  The word ‘buy’ is right there in their internet search.  This type of targeted marketing cuts out wasted money.  You don’t have to pursue campaigns that don’t suggest the user is ready to spend, although a good mix goes a long way to instilling trust and conversions.

To create a long term campaign Detroit internet marketers will use either pay-per click campaigns or SEO to leverage their keyword research.  Pay-per-click campaigns are ones where you will bid on the price for ad-link clicks.  You place an ad in front of an internet user who has searched for a pre-selected term and if they click you pay the price you bid (instant results).  The more you bid the more likely the ad will show up over your competitors.  With proper keyword research this can be a way to send your website hyper targeted traffic, although it can be more costly depending on your budget and industry.

SEO or search engine optimization is something a Detroit internet marketer will use to create organic (unpaid) traffic to your website.  Once you have decided which term you will focus on the next step is to get your site in front of those who are searching for the term.  Internet marketing makes this happen by making your website the go to place to know about whatever search term you have chosen.  Once your site is in the top rankings in the search engines all you have to do is make sure it stays there and from then on the traffic you get is free.

Lastly, internet marketing is more than just driving traffic to a website.  It is also about reputation management, brand development and social interaction.  You can accomplish all these things through social media.  Social media sites have millions of users who are all connected to each other.  By creating a community it gives you a chance to interact with a large number of people in an instant.  This is important for a few reasons.  It can help you if you get negative feedback by allowing you to give your side of the story to your social community.  They will in turn interact with each other as well as people not on the internet.  Having this community also gives you the opportunity to market promotions and products to that large number of people instantly as well.  If you want to create a buzz about an event, social media is your answer, and a large following can be extremely effective.

Detroit internet marketing can increase your business through several avenues.  You should take advantage of each and a Detroit internet marketing company (Webdigia is a local Michigan internet marketing company that provides a full range of internet marketing services, visit the link to view their website – webdigia.com) can help you achieve this through their expertise.  If you choose to not look into internet marketing your bottom line will never be where it could be.

April 27, 2012


Detroit Web Design Can Offer a Professional Website & Improve Sales

Detroit city is as bustling as ever, filled with people, businesses and more.  If you own a business and don’t have a website, a Detroit web design agency can bring your professionalism online.  There is no reason to make excuses as to why you are not generating business leads, or haven’t yet found your way onto the World Wide Web; unless of course you don’t like extra promotion, and inquiries.  If you do have a website you need to audit it in order to figure out if it is producing the results you need. If your site is not generating consistent sales leads then you should look at a possible re-design on your website, especially if the layout and web properties are outdated.

Having proper web design in Detroit for researches and searchers can make or break each lead that gets sent to your website.  Think about it and your own habits on the internet; a website is like a first impression.  Experts say you have between 7 and 13 seconds to make a positive first impression on your audience.  Detroit is used to a fast paced atmosphere and there is no place that this is truer than on the internet.  If your site is unprofessional, unattractive, or slow loading; customers will bounce off your site and straight onto the competitors.

Web design for Detroit businesses does not have to be flashy or over the top. User friendliness and simplicity go a long way.  You should only be dealing with a professional and experienced website design Detroit agency.  People are looking for usability, reliability and professionalism when looking for products or services.  Too many websites attempt to do too much and end up with either a very slow site, or a website that has little use and functionality.  Avoid this by optimizing your web design and staying away from a full flash website and other hindrances.  Finding a reputable web design Detroit, Michigan firm can be done very easily, and the rewards are worth every bit of time spent researching.

For those business owners who are thinking about investing in web design but have not pulled the trigger should ask whether or not you like money and growth?  A web presence can take a small mom and pop shop to shipping products and selling online throughout the country.  No matter how you look at it, you are losing money by not having an online presence.  Even if you don’t generate any sales leads, having a web site does more than that.  It takes steps toward ensuring your company has a good reputation and builds a sustainable brand.  In our current time, a business’ credibility is questioned when they don’t have contact details or a website to answer immediate questions.  Building your brand will be worth the cost of web design in and of itself; this will increase word of mouth referrals and expand your return on investment.

A website is like having an employee working for you every minute of every day waiting to collect sales leads, if it is optimized correctly.  On top of sales leads your web site will be a platform to build an email list and build a community.  These two components alone are priceless for sustained income.  If your web design is spot on people will opt in to your newsletter and interact with you.  As well they will interact with each other and share their experiences, good or bad.  Encouraging visits or payments made on your website and other reasons to return is always a good idea, rather than having little to no traffic.

Web design in Detroit, MI is the single most important thing for your company to consider if you are centrally located in this geographical location.  Both for businesses who are not utilizing a web site and for those who may need to update their current web design.  Work with a Detroit web design firm to optimize the website to your marketing goals after it is fully developed and launched.  Whether you are trying to generate sales leads, build an online community or develop your brand web design is the key to the door being opened.  Remember that a web site is a landing page for your business that creates a first impression.  Think of a website as a threshold between your business and a potential customer’s home.